A Stellar Social Security Attorney in Ann Arbor

The Law Offices of D. Weir & McKenzie takes pride in providing the personalized services of a Social Security attorney in Ann Arbor.

Complete Help in Obtaining Payments

The Law Offices of Weir & McKenzie provides complete assistance to those who need help filing for Social Security disability payments. When someone can’t work because they suffer from a psychological or physical ailment, they are eligible to receive SSD. However, statistics show almost 70 percent of all successful social security disability applications are rejected the first time. This leads to unnecessary delays of up to 24 months.

Professional SSD Help in Ann Arbor

Our law offices in Ann Arbor will provide professional help to those applying for social security disability benefits. Our disability lawyer will help you fill in the application properly the first time around, including all the necessary documentation expected by the Social Security board.

Help with Appeals

In the event your initial Social Security disability benefits application has been rejected, our experienced attorneys will file an appeal against the rejection and work to convince the board to award the full compensation to you.

Personalized SSD Help in Ann Arbor

When an individual is unable to work, they need an income as soon as possible. When retaining the services of The Law Offices of Weir & McKenzie in Ann Arbor, you can receive personalized help to obtain the compensation due to you so you don’t have to worry about whether you can pay your bills on time.

Free Case Evaluation

I appreciated the timely manner in which things were put together because we had a previous attorney that we were unsatisfied with. We were thrilled with the expertise and professionalism at Weir and McKenzie.

Tammy I., South Lyon, MI